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SAS70 FIPS Validated
The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, is a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules. Modules validated as conforming to FIPS 140-2 are accepted by the Federal Agencies of the United States and Canada for the protection of sensitive information.
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Dakota Backup & Recovery: How We Perfect Remote Offsite Backup


When you entrust your vital business data to cloud-managed remote offsite backup, you can rest easy and assured of the experience, technology, and customer support that keeps it safe, secure, and compliant.

We use market-leading remote offsite backup software for running top-tier hardware from HP and NetApp. Bundled with our trained and certified support staff, we provide a global solution for SMB to enterprise-level business data backup and disaster recovery.

Dakota Backup’s cloud-managed remote offsite backup solution operates on extraordinary features, such as Agentless Architecture, Autonomic Healing, Hybrid Deployments, FIPS 140-2 Validation, and Multiple Encryption Types to ensure safety and efficiency. On top of it all, our tremendous support matrix for applications and operating systems assures that our remote offsite backup solution meets your unique criteria for data protection. When all is said and done, Dakota Backup delivers Recovery & Restore Assurance.

The level of customer support that Dakota Backup guarantees its SMB and enterprise-level business data backup clients is a unique combination of technological proficiency and service-oriented attitude. In the heart of the Midwest, we cultivate an attentive and amicable reputation for our work-ethic. With the help of the cloud, we’re able to deliver that renowned South Dakota style of service to locations world-wide. Meet our team...

>>See how our award-winning solutions have revolutionized business data backup.

The Dakota Backup Mission

As remote offsite backup and recovery specialists, we understand that your company’s data is one of your top-valued resources.  Today, the use of tape in SMB and enterprise-level business data backup fails to provide the comprehensive, continuous data protection required by most industries.

At Dakota Backup, we meet the most demanding objectives with our own uniquely and expertly developed brand of remote offsite backup software and service.

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HIPPA Compliance

Solutions for Healthcare

Controlling costs, increased security and privacy compliance are just some of the challenges facing a healthcare provider and their data. Learn how Dakota Backup can work with you.

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financial solutions

Financial Solutions

With its roots in accounting and IT Dakota Backup knows how to work the ever- changing terrain of the financial services sector. Safe, secure, accountable and compliant, that's Dakota Backup.

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Solutions for Government

Solutions for Government

Data-backup needs are getting more complex as government moves more towards online record keeping. Dakota Backup can help you make sense of it all and keep your data safe and secure.

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Solutions for Education

Solutions for Education

With the complexity of IT infrastructure increasing; K-12, colleges and universities need pragmatic backup solutions that fit well within their budget constraints. Dakota Backup is right there with you.

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